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FM2023 Small Tweezer Kit

SKU: HFM2023

  • Small hot tweezer, with tip set T9-1
  • Sleep mode stand
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Heat resistant pad
  • Interconnect cable

The FM2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Tool (Conversion Kit) is a Conversion Kit designed to be used together with HAKKO FM203 or HAKKO FM206 Stations.

The FM2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Tool (Conversion Kit) are Hot tweezers that enable easy removal of fine SMD chips and flat packages of up to 2mm in width. Composite-type design with a built-in heater facilitates the replacement of soldering tips. The small grip ensures to remove the smallest chips easily. Can choose standard or reverse tweezer action by switch lever.
Direct heating prevents damage to neighbouring components on high density board.
ESD safe by design

Model No.Packing List
  1. FM-2023 Handpiece with Soldering tip: No. T9-I
  2. Iron holder: No. FH200-04
  3. A1519 Cleaning sponge
  4. Component bed
  5. Heat resistant pad

T9 Series


T9-I I
T9-I I
SMD Type
T9-L1 1L
SMD Type
T9-L2 2L
SMD Type
 Part No.NameSpecifications
FM2023-02FM2023-02(hand pieece Only) 
T9-IT9-ISoldering Tip 
FH200-04FH200-04Iron Holder 
b2849B2849Component Bed 
B3253B3253Connecting Cable 
B2300B2300Heat Resistant Pad 
B3412B3412Iron Holder Assembly(FM2023 Adaption for FH200)