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FM2030-04 Heavy duty soldering Iron kit

SKU: HFM2030-04

  • Soldering iron handle complete
  • Accepts tip series T22
  • Sleep mode stand
  • Cleaning wire 599B
  • Heat resistant pad
  • Interconnect cable


The Hakko FM-2030 Soldering Iron provides a higher mass tip with double the power of conventional T12 tips. This iron is ideal for soldering difficult-to-solder heavy ground planes and/or high heat sink applications.

  • uses T22 tips (not included)
  • compatible with the Hakko FM-203 soldering station and FM206 rework system
  • includes holder (with sleep functionality), tip cleaner and other affiliated parts

IMPORTANT.PLEASE READ: The FM2030 can only be attached to the Hakko FM203 “D” port, and the Hakko FM-206 CH2 or CH3 ports. If you attach the iron to any other port, a grip error or connector error (C-E) will occur.

Note:The FM-203 stations with serial numbers before 02203211002129 will require the purchase of an upgrade. Due to the upgrade process requirements, upgrades cannot be performed in the field. Stations must be returned to American Hakko under a CASE for this upgrade, at which time the upgrade (PN: FM203-UPGR) can be purchased with the FM2030-02 kit and your selection of T22 tips.


Model Name FM-2030
Part No.

FM2030-01 (handpiece only)

Power Consumption 140W / 24VAC
Tip to Ground Resistance <2 ohms
Leak Voltage <2mV
Total Length (w/o cord) 224mm (8.8 in.)
Weight (w/o cord) 41g (1.4oz)
Cord/Reach 1.3m (4.3 ft.)
Tips T22 Series (not included)

What's in the box?

Description Part No.
FM-2030 Handpiece FM2030-01
Handpiece holder with Sleep function FH200-01
Connecting cable B3253
Heat resistant pad B2300

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T22 Series

T22-BC2 Bevel Soldering Iron Tip 2mm/45° x 12mm
T22-C3 Bevel Soldering Tip 3mm/60° x 17mm
T22-C5 Bevel Soldering Tip 5mm/45° x 10mm
T22-C6 Bevel Soldering Tip 6mm/45° x 10mm
T22-BL Conical Long Soldering Tip R0.2 x 15mm
T22-BL2 Conical Long Soldering Tip R0.5 x 15mm
T22-D08 Chisel Soldering Tip 0.8mm x 12mm
T22-D12 Chisel Soldering Tip 1.2mm x 10mm
T22-D16 Chisel Soldering Tip 1.6mm x 12mm
T22-D24 Chisel Soldering Tip 2.4mm x 7mm /dt>
T22-D32 Chisel Soldering Tip 3.2mm x 8mm
T22-D45 Chisel Soldering Tip 4.5mm x 15mm
T22-D52 Chisel Soldering Tip 5.2mm x 8mm
T22-J02 Angled Soldering Iron Tip R0.2/30° x 11mm
T22-JD08 Angled Soldering Iron Tip R0.2/30° x 11mm
T22-K Knife Soldering Iron Tip 5mm /30° x 15mm

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