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FR-810B High power Hot Air Rework Station.



  • 670W high power and large volume hot air improves work efficiency.
  • Vacuum pick up function for easy and safe removal of components.
  • Possible to make a simple thermal profile by Chain Presets function

FR810B Hot Air Rework Station a tool that can provide powerful hot airflow for repairing high heat capacity circuit boards that require high output

FR810B High power Hot Air Rework Station Features

High power and large air volume
Further evolution of SMD rework station

High power and large volume hot air for quick removal of components

A tool that can provide powerful hot airflow for repairing high heat capacity circuit boards that require high blow volume and high output, and sufficient hot airflow for appropriate blow volume and high output for high-density mounting substrates.

High power and large air volume

Efficiency improvement

The high volume airflow and high output of HAKKO FR810B Hot Air Rework Station. make it possible to perform the same work in only one-third of the time required when using a conventional model. This reduces the thermal impact on boards and components.


* Examination of time taken for connector sections soldered onto a ceramic board to be heated to 200°C with maximum temperature and airflow settings selected.

* Single nozzles with an approximately 4mm diameter were used.


On top of the features of HAKKO FR810, high power and large air volume, the new functions of vacuum pickup and pickup indicator have been given to HAKKO FR810B Hot Air Rework Station.
The 2 new functions make it possible to remove a component without damaging PWB.

New type of nozzles for improvement of temperature characteristics
The new nozzle improves work efficiency with uniform heating by hot air convection inside the nozzle which is created due to vents on the nozzle top. (Only with BGA nozzle) New type of nozzles for improvement of temperature characteristics
Vacuum pickup function
The vacuum pickup function is to pick up a component with a suction pad and vacuum. It will pick a component only after the hot air melts solder joints.
This can avoid an error to peel off the land by removing a component with excessive force.
Vacuum pickup function
Pickup indicator
By pre-setting pickup function, a component can be picked up automatically when solder is melted. At the same time, the indication comes up and the moment of picking up will be visible. Even a component and solder joints can not be seen as covered by a nozzle, easy and safe picking up is possible. Pickup indicator

Use conventional HAKKO nozzles

Align the projection part, attach the conventional nozzle to the heater pipe.

Use conventional HAKKO nozzles

*The heater pipe of HAKKO FR810 (discontinued) has two projection parts. In order to use the conventional nozzle, put the conversion adaptor on the heater pipe that was included in your purchased HAKKO FR810 as one of standard accessories.

Simple nozzle removal and easy maintenance

Nozzles can be quickly changed for many different types of components.
In addition, conventional nozzles are compatible. Heaters can also be easily and securely replaced.

Quick-change N51 nozzles Simple heater replacement
Quick-change N51 nozzles Simple heater replacement
Simple, tool-free removal and attachment. Simply remove four screws to replace heater.

Timer function

Timer function is to control the time of operation.
This can help to prevent parts from overheating and can improve the overall quality of rework.

Chain presets function for making a simple thermal profile

The chain presets function is to make a simple thermal profile by combining several preset conditions. (Up to 5 steps) This can improve work efficiency a lot by standardizing work time, avoiding overheating, improving repeatability of operation, and making difficult rework jobs easy.

Chain presets function for making a simple thermal profile
Chain presets function for making a simple thermal profileChain presets function

Auto sleep and auto shutoff features

FR810B-17 High power Hot Air Rework Station. To ensure safety and conserve power, when the handpiece is placed in the handpiece holder, the auto sleep function will be activated and it will start cooling automatically.
If the handpiece has not been removed from the handpiece holder (e.g. Using it in a rework fixture) and it has been idle for 30 minutes, auto shutoff function will be activated. It will be automatically powered off.
Access to settings can be restricted by the password function.

With the use of Grip fixture, HAKKO C5027 Board holder and HAKKO Bottom heater, work conditions can be controlled even more strictly.

A low cost rework system can be assembled with a bottom heater, a grip fixture, and a HAKKO C5027 Board holder.

FR810B-17 High power Hot Air Rework Station.

FR810B-17 Hot Air Rework Station - Grip Fixture M Grip Fixture M

Recommended if a bottom heater is not required or in case of use of a bottom heater other than the dedicated model for FR-811.

FR810B-17 Hot Air Rework Station - Board Holder HAKKO C5027 Board holder

Makes it easy to set and remove a PWB and to make fine adjustments after setting.

FR810B-17 Hot Air Rework Station - Board Clip Board Clip

Accepts even irregular-shaped PWB.

FR810B-17 Hot Air Rework Station - Board Support Unit Board Support Unit

Supports PWB from underneath to minimize warping.

Packing List

Model No. Packing List
FR-810B Station with handpiece, Nozzle (Φ 4 mm), Handpiece holder, Vacuum pipe control knob L (with screw), Pads (qty 2 each of Ø3 mm, Ø5 mm, Ø7.6 mm), Heat resistant pad, Power Cord, Temperature distribution chart, Instruction manual FR-810B


Model No. FR-810B
Power consumption AC100V:700W AC110V:840W AC120V:820W AC220V:1,100W AC230V:1,200W AC240V:1,300W
Temperature range 50 to 600ºC


Power consumption 30W
Air flow 1-9 (5 to 115L/min)
Dimensions 160(W)×145(H)×220(D)mm
Weight 1.5kg

Handpiece (Hot air)

Power consumption AC100V:670W AC110V:810W AC120V:790W AC220V:1,070W AC230V:1,170W AC240V:1,270W
Standard nozzle Φ4mm (No.N51-02)
Total length 250mm
Weight 180g
* Total length and weight for handpiece (w/o cord, standard nozzle) * Airflow capacity is rated as free flowing. Restrictions created by various nozzles may reduce the maximum airflow capacity.

FR-811 Hot Air Tool Nozzles

N51 Series

Image Part No. Description
N51-50 Nozzle SET (Includes N51-01, N51-03, N51-04, N51-05)
N51-01 Nozzle/Single 2.5mm
N51-02 Nozzle/Single 4mm
N51-03 Nozzle/Single 5.5mm
N51-04 Nozzle/Single 7mm
N51-05 Nozzle/BENT Single
N51-10 Nozzle/BGA 4mmX4mm
N51-11 Nozzle/BGA 6mmX6mm
N51-12 Nozzle/BGA 8mmX8mm
N51-13 Nozzle/BGA 10mmX10mm
N51-14 Nozzle/BGA 12mmX12mm
N51-15 Nozzle/BGA 14mmX14mm
N51-16 Nozzle/BGA 15mmX15mm
N51-17 Nozzle/BGA 17mmX17mm
N51-18 Nozzle/BGA 18mmX18mm
N51-19 Nozzle/BGA 20mmX20mm
N51-20 Nozzle/BGA 22mmX22mm
N51-21 Nozzle/BGA 24mmX24mm
N51-22 Nozzle/BGA 27mmX27mm
N51-23 Nozzle/BGA 29mmX29mm
N51-24 Nozzle/BGA 35mmX35mm
N51-25 Nozzle/BGA 38mmX38mm
N51-26 Nozzle/BGA 40mmX40mm
N51-01 Nozzle/Single 2.5mm
N51-02 Nozzle/Single 4mm

Conventional Type

Note: Conventional Nozzles require the adaptor B5058

Image Part No. Description
B5058 Adaptor for Conventional Type Nozzles
A1124B Nozzle/Single 2.5mm
A1125B Nozzle/QFP 10mmX10mm
A1126B Nozzle/QFP 14mmX14mm
A1127B Nozzle/QFP 17.5mmX17.5mm
A1128B Nozzle/QFP 14mmX20mm
A1129B Nozzle/QFP 28mmX28mm
A1130 Nozzle/Single 4.4mm
A1131 Nozzle/SOP 4.4mmX10mm
A1132 Nozzle/SOP 5.6mmX13mm
A1133 Nozzle/SOP 7.5mmX15mm
A1134 Nozzle/SOP 7.5mmX18mm
A1135B Nozzle/PLCC 17.5mmX17.5mm (44PINS)
A1136B Nozzle/PLCC 20mmX20mm (52 PINS)
A1137B Nozzle/PLCC 25mmX25mm (68 PINS)
A1138B Nozzle/PLCC 30mmX30mm (84 PINS)
A1139B Nozzle/PLCC 12.5mmX7.3mm (18PINS)
A1140B Nozzle/PLCC 11.5mmX11.5mm (28PINS)
A1141B Nozzle/PLCC 11.5mmX14mm (32 PINS)
A1142B Nozzle/BENT Single
A1180B Nozzle/BQFP 17mmX17mm
A1181B Nozzle/BQFP 19mmX19mm
A1182B Nozzle/BQFP 24mmX24mm
A1183 Nozzle/SOJ 15mmX8mm
A1184B Nozzle/SOJ 18mmX8mm
A1185B Nozzle/TSOL 13mmX10mm
A1186B Nozzle/TSOL 18mmX10mm
A1187B Nozzle/TSOL(TSOP) 18.5mmX8mm
A1188B Nozzle/PLCC 9mmX9mm (20PINS)
A1189B Nozzle/PLCC 34mmX34mm (100PINS)
A1190 Nozzle/DUAL Single 2.5mmX9.5mm PITCH
A1191 Nozzle/SIP 25L
A1192 Nozzle/SIP 50L
A1203B Nozzle/QFP 35mmX35mm
A1214B Nozzle/SOJ 10mmX26mm
A1215B Nozzle/QFP 42.5mmX42.5mm
A1257B Nozzle/SOP 11mmX21mm
A1258B Nozzle/SOP 7.6mmX12.7mm
A1259B Nozzle/SOP 13mmX28mm
A1260B Nozzle/SOP 8.6mmX18mm
A1261B Nozzle/QFP 20mmX20mm
A1262B Nozzle/QFP 12mmX12mm
A1263B Nozzle/QFP 28mmX40mm
A1264B Nozzle/QFP 40mmX40mm
A1265B Nozzle/QFP 32mmX32mm
A1470 /BGA 8mmX8mm
A1471 /BGA 12mmX12mm
A1472 /BGA 13mmX13mm
A1473 /BGA 15mmX15mm
A1474 /BGA 18mmX18mm
A1475 /BGA 27mmX27mm
A1476 /BGA 35mmX35mm
A1477 /BGA 38mmX38mm
A1478 /BGA 40mmX40mm
A1325 /5-10mm Adjustable Pitch
Image Part Number Description
photo:b5058 B5058 Adaptor for Traditional Nozzles
Traditional Nozzle Holder
photo:c5024 C5024 Underboard Heater
photo:C5027 C5027 Board Holder
photo:C5028 C5028 Grip Fixture S
photo:C5029 C5029 Grip Fixture L
photo:b5059 B5059 Adaptor / for fixture (C1392B)
photo:c1541 B5127 Thermocouple 0.1mm
photo:c1541 B5130 Heat Resistant Tape
photo:fg100b photo:c1541 FG-100B C1541 Thermometer Hot Air Station Probe
photo:ft640 photo:ft641 FT640 / FT641 Tweezers
photo:106-01 106 Series Wire Processing Tools
photo:smf SMF012P Flux Pen
photo:flu400db FLU400DB Flux Cleaning Solvent
photo:fa-430 Various Desolder Braid
photo:fa-430 FA-430 Fume Extractor and Air Purifier
photo:394-01 393 Vacuum Pump Pick Up Tool
photo:394-01 394 Battery Powered Vacuum Pump Pick Up Tool
photo:fr830 FR-830 Under Board Heater

FR-810B Hot Air Station Spares and Replacement Parts

FR-810B Hot Air Station Spares and Replacement Parts
Ref. Image Part No. Description
1+2 photo:a5007 A5007 Heating Element Assembly
1. photo:a5024 A5024 Heating Element 220-240V
2. photo:B5049 B5049 Mica with heater protection sleeve
3. photo:B5045 B5045 Pipe
4. photo:b5107 B5107 Handle With Cord Assembly
5. photo:A1520 photo:A1439 photo:A1438 A1520 A1439 A1438 Pad φ3mm Pad φ5mm Pad φ7.6mm
6. photo:B3023 B3023 Vacuum Pipe adjustment knob (L)
7. photo:b5043 B5043 Joint Hose
8. photo:b5060 B5060 Fuse 250V-6.3A
9. photo:B5048 B5048 Handpiece Holder
10. B5108 P.W.B 220-240V
11. photo:b5052 B5052 Fan
12. photo:b5053 B5053 Power Unit
13. B2426 Power Cord (power cord AU Plug)
14. photo:B3215 B2384 Power Inlet
15. photo:b5092 B5092 Pump
16. photo:B2300 B2300 Heat Resistant Pad