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FX-801 Heavy Duty High Power Soldering Station 300W



High Power 300 Watts
Best suited for soldering PWB with high heat capacity and high heat dissipation property
Compatible with N2 system by purchasing N2 iron (FX8003) as an optional accessary to further improve productivity.

Make the impossible possible with Super Power of 300 W Heater.

FX801 High Power Soldering Station can provide tremendous heating performance with super power 300 W composite heater

FX801-16 Heavy Duty High Power Soldering Station 300W

Light weight handpiece -approx. 50 g

Light weight handpiece provides good workability and reduces burden in hand soldering.

Large LED display

An LED display roughly double the size of a previous model is very easy to see.

Preset mode

Up to 6 settings can be preset and easily called up by Up/Down buttons.
This is a convenient function to change set temperature quickly.

Password function

Settings can be locked from unnecessary changes by password function.
Strict temperature control is possible.

Auto Sleep/Auto Shut-off function

The function automatically drops tips tempetaure or turns off heater just by placing a handpiece in the holder. This minimizes oxidation and thermal stress to soldering tip.

Handles on unit body

Handles on unit body make it easy to carry.

A wide variety of tip shapes

In addition to regular type tips, now slim type tips are added to the tip line-up to cover a wide range of applications. The composite tip, tip integrated with composite heater, makes tip replacement very easy.

Best suited for components with high thermal mass such as transformers and coils.

T33 Series Soldering Tips – Regular Type

T33 Soldering Iron Tips

Slim type

Slimmed-down tips for narrow spaces without losing of enough power.

T33 Series Slim Type

T33 Soldering Iron Tips
Slim type Shape-2.4SSD

Shape Concave

By the tip design to make larger contact area with land pattern for better thermal transfer, it improves through hole fill and soldering on high thermal mass PWB.
T33 Soldering Iron Tips
Insufficient flow-up Successful flow-up

To further improve the FX801 High Power Soldering Station capability, a Nitrogen soldering Iron HAKKO FX8003 is available.

Operating a Nitrogen Soldering Iron has many benefits over traditional Soldering Irons to improve productivity and extend the process window:

  1. The Nitrogen has a Pre-heating effect on components resulting in faster flow of solder.
  2. Soldering under Nitrogen prevents oxidisation

This aids the operation of the flux in cleaning the surfaces to be joined and opens/widens the process window and aids the flow of the solder thus offering a higher process yield, e.g. Reduced solder bridging, icicling and damage caused by excessive heat application.

  1. Allows higher output and productivity

Traditionally Nitrogen systems have been costly to run, however with the Hakko Nitrogen Generator (HAKKO FX780) and flow Meter (HAKKO FX791) Hakko have transformed the workspace without the need for large external storage tanks or connection to external sources.

Compatible with N2 System (Option)

Replacing an iron part (HAKKO FX8002) with an optional N2 iron part (HAKKO FX8003), it enables use of N2system.

FX801-16 Heavy Duty High Power Soldering Station 300W Improve solderability and wettability with the HAKKO N2system.

*Requires a variety of equipment in addition to the N2 soldering iron.
Click here for details.

Model No. Packing List
FX-801 1. FX-801 Station,

2. Soldering Iron Handpiece (FX-8002-81)

3. Heat resistant pad (B2300),

4. Power cord, (B2426)

5. Connecting cable (B3253),

6. Iron holder (with cleaning wire) (FH200-83),

7. Instruction manual



Model No. FX-801
Power consumption 300W
Temperature range 50 to 500ºC
Temperature stability ±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltage AC 29V
Dimensions 145(W)×107(H)×211(D)mm
Weight 3.9kg

Soldering Iron

Power consumption 260W (29V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Composite heater
Cord length 1.2m

For the HAKKO FX-8003 Nitrogen Soldering Iron, a Nozzle is required along with the soldering iron tips.

Please note these are not supplied with the soldering iron.

T33 Series: Regular Type

T33 Series: Regular Type

T33 Series: Slim Type

T33 Series: Slim Type

T33 Series Tip Nitrogen Nozzle Required






Nozzle A – B5069





Nozzle B – B5070





Nozzle C – B5239



Nozzle D – B5240


Nozzle E – B5241

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T33 Series


T33-1610 V-Groove Soldering Tip 3.0mm/15° x 16.7mm



T33-1611 Concave Soldering Tip 1.6mm/45° x 16.7mm



T33-BC2 Bevel Soldering Tip 2mm/45° x 17mm



T33-BC3 Bevel Soldering Tip 3mm/45° x 17mm.



T33-BC4 Bevel Soldering Tip 3mm/45° x 13mm.



T33-BC5 Bevel Soldering Tip 4mm/45° x 13mm



T33-BC6 Bevel Soldering Tip 6mm/45° x 13mm



T33-D24 Chisel Soldering Tip 2.4mm x 17mm



T33-D32 Chisel Soldering Tip 3.2mm x 13mm



T33-D5 Chisel Soldering Tip 5 x 13mm



T33-D6 Chisel Soldering Tip 6 x 13mm



T33-SS1610 Slim Bevel Soldering Tip V-Groove 3.0mm/15° x 10mm



T33-SS1611 Slim Concave Soldering Tip 1.6mm/45° x 10mm



T33-SSBC2 Slim Bevel Soldering Tip 2mm/45° x 11.5mm



T33-SSBC3 Slim Bevel Soldering Tip 3mm/45° x 11mm



T33-SSBC4 Slim Bevel Soldering Tip 4mm/45° x 9.5mm



T33-SSBC5 Soldering Tip Slim Bevel Shape-5SSBC



T33-SSD16 Soldering Tip Chisel Shape-1.6SSD



T33-SSD24 Soldering Tip Chisel Shape-2.4SSD



T33-SSD32 Slim Chisel Soldering Tip 3.2 x 8mm



T33-SSD6 Slim Chisel Soldering Tip 6 x 3.5mm


FX-801 Optional / Recommended Extras

Part Number Description
B3251 FX8003-81 Nitrogen Soldering Iron (Requires Nitrogen source, eg. Hakko Generator)
B3251 FG100B Digital Tip Thermometer
FA-430 Under Desk Fume Extractor
B3251 FX301B-11 Solder Pot Bath
B3251 442B Anti-Static Wrist Strap
FT700-15 FT700-15 Tip Cleaning / Polishing Station
611-1 611-1 Solder Wire Holder
611-2 611-2 Double Solder Wire Holder

FX-801 Spare Parts and Replacements

FX-801 Spare Parts and Replacements

B3675 1. B3675 Fuse 220-240V
B3253 2. B3253 Connecting Cable
3. B2426 Power Cord (power cord AU Plug)

FX8002 Soldering Iron

FX8002 Soldering Iron

FX-8002 FX-8002-81 FX8002-81 Soldering Iron
T33-BC2 1. T33 Tip See Tips Tab
B3251 2. B5071 Nipple With O-Ring
B3251 3. B2578 O-Ring
FX-8002 4. FX-8002-81 Hand Piece
B2300 5. B2300 Heat Resistant Pad

FH200-83 Iron Holder

FH200-83 Iron Holder

Part Number Description
B5083 1. B5083 Iron Receptacle
B2791 2. B2791 Tip Fixing Spring
B5084 3. B5084 Holder for Iron Receptacle
B3251 4. B3251 Iron Holder Base
B3251 5. B3249 Cleaner Base
B3251 6. B3250 Stay
b3252 7. B3252 Switch Case Assembly
599B 8. 599B-02 Tip Cleaner (Case and wire)
photo:FT8004-81 9. 599-029 Cleaning Wire
photo:FT8004-81 10. A1519 Cleaning Sponge
Manual Size
HAKKO FX-801 Product Sheet 790kb Download