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FX8804 Hot SMD Tweezers

SKU: HFX8804


Hot tweezers designed exclusively for HAKKO FX-888D, FX-889, FR-701 and FR-702
FX-8804 enables the easy removal of SMD chips and flat packages of up to 25mm
The iron holder clip allows accurate positioning of the tip

SMD hot tweezer

Can be used with your existing HAKKO FX-888(*Discontinued), HAKKO FX-888D, HAKKO FX-889, HAKKO FR-701 or HAKKO FR-702 soldering station.

Direct heating-less influence upon surrounding components on crowded boards.

Easily removes SMD chips and flat packages up to 25mm.

The collet allows easy replacement and alignment of the tip.


Model No.


Power consumption

65W (26V)

Temperature range

200 to 400°C

Tip to ground resistance


Tip to ground potential


Heating elementCeramic heater
Standard tipShape-2L (No.A1378)2 pcs/set
Cord length1.2m
Total length186mm (with Chip 2L tip)
Weight93g (with Chip 2L tip)

* Total length and weight (w/o cord)
* The recommended (process) temperature is from 200°C to 400°C while setting temperature range of FX-888D is from 50°C to 480°C.

1. FX8803 SMD Hot Tweezers
2. Standard tip: A1378 (Chip 2L)
3, Heat Resitant Pad B2300

Part NumberDescription
A1577A1577 Tip CHIP 0.5L 0.5mm
A1379A1379 Tip CHIP 1L 1mm
A1378A1378 Tip CHIP 2L 2mm
A1388A1388 Tip CHIP 0.5C 1.5mm
A1389A1389 Tip CHIP 0.5I R0.25mm
A1576A1576 Tip CHIP 2.6C 2.6mm
A1390A1390 Tip SOP 4L 4mm
A1391A1391 Tip SOP 6L 6mm
A1380A1380 Tip SOP 8L 8mm
A1381A1381 Tip SOP 10L 10mm
A1382A1382 Tip SOP 13L 13mm
A1392A1392 Tip SOP 15L 15mm
A1383A1383 Tip SOP 18L 18mm
A1384A1384 Tip SOP 20L 20mm
A1385A1385 Tip SOP 25L 25mm

Recommended / Optional Extras

photo:B2876FH800-04-BY Blue Iron Holder
photo:B2876FH800-04-SV Silver Iron Holder
photo:B2876FX8805 Soldering Iron
photo:B2876FG-100B Digital Thermometer
photo:B2876FA-400 Desk Top Fume Extractor
photo:B2876B3474 Rubber Tip Cleaner

FX8804 Spare Parts

Image Part NumberDescription
1.tipTip Element Spring Pin Resistant Pad

FH200 Iron Holder Spare Parts

Part NumberDescription


FH800-04-BY Blue Iron Holder
photo:B2876FH800-04-SVFH800-04-SV Silver Iron Holder Sponge Clip Plate

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