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Why is the measured tip temperature lower than the set temperature?

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Check 1Are the tip, element cover, nut, etc. oxidized?
Check 2Is the tip shape changed?
Check 3Has the sensor of the thermometer deteriorated? (In the case of HAKKO-manufactured contact-type measuring instruments)
Check 4Are the batteries low on power?
Check 5Is the correct measurement method suitable for the measuring instrument being performed?

Check 2. Is the tip shape changed?

Since the length and weight vary depending on the tip type, if the tip shape is changed, the thermal capacity will be changed, causing the temperature to become lower or higher in some cases.

When using the 900M-T-B tip with the set temperature of 350ºC, if the tip is changed to the 900M-T-I or 900M-T-K tip

If changing to the 900M-T-I, the displayed temperature is approx. 10ºC lower.

If changing to the 900M-T-K, the displayed temperature is approx. 30ºC higher.

Therefore, to maintain the same temperature, it is necessary to perform fine adjustment (calibration adjustment or change of offset value) without fail.

Perform temperature fine adjustment (calibration adjustment or change of offset value) before remeasurement. If the temperature is still shown lower, confirm the details in Checks 1 and 3 through 5.

[Calibration adjustment]

Insert a tool such as a screwdriver and adjust the CAL volume.Turning anticlockwise decreases the temperature and turning clockwise increases the temperature.

[Position of CAL volume]

* Since the CAL position varies depending on each product, refer to their instruction manual.

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[Changing the offset value]

Change the offset value while referring to each instruction manual.
Offset value input method
It shows how to offset, for example HAKKO FX-951.

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